Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

I hope you see this, my simple story Lets see...

HAI my name is Regita. now i'm 7th grade. my life it so unforgetabble. yeah, unforgetabble because of you. yes you, a boy who can make me so in love. you know? i'm hopeless. but i do not want to give up. i'm loving you very much but you not loving me back. its okay, never mind. but..............you must know, i'm broken heart. you think i'm not there, but i was there. you think i'm your enemy, but i think your my prince. your life and my life is very different. i love you but you hate me. hate me for a reason. that is because i love you. you hate me, because i love you. WHY? WHY YOU SO HATE ME? im deppresion because of that. okey, goodbye. from now on, i tried to move on. although it is so difficult, but i tried. i tried because of you. so when i do not love you, you dont hate me again.

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